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Sophomore Project Community Inquiry

Books for Treats
Since 2001’s Halloween, Books for Treats has donated 6500 books per year as a healthy alternative to candy. Their purpose is to encourage kids to read books and help to prevent them from eating too much candy. Every Halloween, they host events at various locations and give out children’s books. This year they need volunteers to help run the events and they need people to donate more children’s books. Volunteers do not require any training.

Nicodemus Wilderness Project
Since 1999, the Nicodemus Wilderness Project has been engaging youth in the clean up and preservation of the environment. Their purpose is to empower and inspire teens while affecting the environment in a positive way. Together, teens and the Nicodemus Wilderness Project Staff work to remove trash, plant trees, and prevent pollution. This year, the organization needs more teens to help save the environment. Volunteers do not require any training.

Kaiser Permanente San Jose
This year Kaiser Permanente is searching for musicians to play in the lobby of their hospital. The purpose is to bring some light and cheerfulness to the visitors and patients waiting. The volunteer musician will play soothing music to help create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Volunteers will have to make a six month commitment. Volunteer also need to go through an orientation.

The Health Trust
The Health Trust’s Food Basket is a new food source for people and families who struggle with poverty,