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1) Why not , because I aleardy know that all the pictures you see arent reall and because we learn this before . Why because when you see some won in the magazin or the tv you think wow how perfact she is how could her hair be like this and you dont think of the staff they did to her to make her pretty and this vidio show you all of this and you are like wow so no one is perfect .

2) Yes I can think of other thing for example they put white glue instade of milk or they put sope in hotchocolate to make it buble .

3) I think this work is done alot that i seen this advartisind ade to make pepole feel bad and buy there product so they could look or feel that way too. No i dont think i seen a image that didint look reall or that I dont reammber the picuter I saw .

4) I think the most suprizeing thing to me was the shoulders that they make it skinny and the neck longer it feels that she is skinnyer than she arleardy lookn .

5) I think herself was shake becuase she didnt look like that at all in the first place and that she couldnt belive that girl on the bilbord was her .

1) I think this is range becuase a photo should be you not soime one els I so many other pepole use this tecnalagy that no body look like there picture any more and becuase of this tecnalagy so many pepole heart other pepole for example they make them fat or ugly or even put there bodys on someone eles and pepole when they see the picuter they think its really her becuase of the tecnalage its really comman so pepole dont undrastand its fake and start tesing that pearson and that pearson cant prove thats not her she can do somthing stiupid about her or hiis self and i think thats way so many pepole heat this tecnalagy becuase it can be use by so many pepole and no one can understand it .

2) YES I can thinkl of other prouducts that uses the sane tecnic so pepole could by there proudact for examples
- food
Tey use staff to make the food look more lovely or dilicuse for example the put glue in ciriial instade of milk or make the food bigger.
The company