Sotomayor Compare And Contrast Essay

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In Sotomayor’s life, she and the narrator in “The Road Not Taken both would have to make important decisions. Sonia didn’t really have a choice but go to school, get good grades so one day she can do what she was destined to do which was become a police officer. Sotomayor couldn’t become a police officer anywhere if she was diabetic which meant she couldn’t choose a profession which was hard for her wanting to be a detective. A connection to Sotomayor would be that my parents would want me to be a professor or a teacher but they would tell me that becoming a professional athlete would be impossible. Since Sotomayor was diabetic she couldn’t be what she wanted like me except I’m not diabetic but my parents are restricting me just like Sotomayor can’t be a detective from her diabetes. Sotomayor had different “roads” she could've took as a child, such as different professions that she started to look at ever since she was ten. Even before this her mother wanted to expand her outlook by giving her different activities. Such as ballet that her mother suggested Sotomayor to take classes but it didn't work out, “I was too gangly and uncoordinated; end of story” as it states from Sotomayor's point of view on page 47. Also, Sotomayor had the chance …show more content…
For example, Sotomayor explains how being a lawyer would be exciting though what she really wants to be was a judge, “I could be a great lawyer, I decided. But a part of me, I knew, would have preferred to be the judge rather than Perry Mason”. Therefore, Sotomayor ends up to be a judge for the Supreme Court which is what she wanted to be in the first place. She even ended up walking with President Obama as she put into words in the video. Her attitude was very clear in what she wanted to say both in the book and the video she spoke with truth on how the decisions have affected her