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SOUTH AFRICA My History Many South Africans live in suburban homes with single-rooms for whites. English, Afrikaans, and Bantu speakers have recently had begun to mix, moving into each other neighbors. While there is a growing black urban middle class, many blacks still live in poor, segregated areas from city centers, or shelters. In rural areas, some of blacks work as subtheme forms on small forms, or on larger white-owned forms that raise cash crops.

Geography (Introducing one of South Africa’s beautiful and famous places is Kruger National Park, South Africa.) If Going on safari appears on your “bucket list”, you must consider Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa near the top of your selections. It is one of the largest game resources in Africa, covering an area of the more than 7,570 mi square (2 million hectares the same size as Belgium!) It is home to an astonishing variety species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 520 birds and 147 mammals, including the famous “big five”: buffalos, leopards, lions, elephants and rhinos.

My Culture Black Africans make up about 79% of South Africa’s population. 10% of the population is white, about 9% are mixed race, and 2% are Asian 4/5 of South African belong to African independent churches that mix Christian and Africa beliefs. Before apartheid ended, English and Afrikaans were countries only official languages also have official status, including