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Religion and cultural beliefs:
South America culture is the combination of almost the half of the world’s culture. This continent has its own culture that was fostered by the native people who were the original inhabitants of this great continent. The dominate religion of South America is Roman Catholic. Follow by Muslim and Buddhist.
Later the mainstream culture was influenced by the other cultures. Among these other cultures there were the European culture and the African culture
In the modern world most of the cultural is from the North America and also from other parts of the world.
The South Americans express their religious and mythical beliefs in textiles, gold, silver as well as pottery and stone. They produce superb art and finely women textiles.
The South Americans believe in the great god. He was the god of nature. The most common way of worshiping the great god was to smoke pipes because the smoke would carry their thoughts and wishes to the gods in heaven. They also believe in Supernatural significance was attributed to plants, animals as well as rivers and mountains.
Some South Americans believe that Supreme Being created the existence of the world. However others believe the world exists out of nothing.
South Americans believe god descends from heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit for his people, he suffered and died, and then he was buried. However, soon, He come back to life and ascended into heaven. They believe he will regain his powers, and his kingdom will become endless.

The strange adventure of Alcavilu
Once upon a time there was a handsome young boy name Alcavilu. He was noble and wise even as a child.
One day, when he was about sixteen, Alcavilu decided to go on an adventure and find out what was beyond the mountain which surrounded their village.
His father, a chieftain, was sad to see his son go, however he give him his blessings and a fine horse with a silver saddle, a deerskin sack filled with food for his journey, and some magical leaves for sickness and evil spirits.
With much excitement, Alcavilu said goodbye to his father and begin his journey. He rode through streams and valleys until he came to a deep forest where he stopped and decided to take his meal.
Thinking he was the only person within hundreds of miles, he was startled to heat a voice behind him. He turned and saw an old man who was dressed very poorly and was shivering from the cold. Alcavilu immediately wrapped his blanket around him and offered him food.
After the meal. The old man stayed quiet for an very long time then told Alcavilu that he has looked into the boy’s future and could foresee he would have many strange adventures before returning home to his father and he would not return from his journey alone.
When the old man got up to leave. Alcavilu insists that he take the horse with the silver saddle and the blanket because he obviously needed more than he does. In return for his kindness, the old man gives Alcavilu a piece of green leaf that gives the person who chewed it the power to understand animals and birds. Alcavilu thanked his and they both went their separate ways.
Alcavilu chewed the leaf and slept in the forest that night. When he woke up, he saw a lion nearby; the lion softly told Alcavilu an old man has asked his to protect the boy through his journey. The lion plucked a white hair from his chest and give it to Alcavilu. He told him this hair would Alcavilu the power to change himself into any bird or animal or to fly anywhere he wished in the world.
After Alcavilu left the forest, he wished that he could go somewhere he had never visited. All of a sudden, he was standing on the rim of an volcano. Alcavilu was amazed at this sight and even more amazed to see a young girl standing in the door way yelling if cherufe, the god of the volcano wakes up and finds you here, he will throw you into the crater! Alcavilu turned himself into a bird and flew