South Carolina and Tough Love Essay

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Personal Essay
A product of tough love, growing up in the middle-class element, and a single parent home. Were huge impacts on my life. Growing up in tough love wasn’t always easy, near living in poverty, getting verbally bullied; having to fiend for myself all the time. I always wondered what it felt like to live care-free. Atlanta, GA born and raised, outside of my summers, taught me that it’s a Dog-Eat-Dog world, only the strong survive; the early bird gets the worm. Some things I had to attempt on my own no one was holding my hand in life, school, or as I transitioned into womanhood. All the bad things I had to bear with alone only taught me to become stronger as a woman and how to live the rest of my life.
My single parent household was chaotic and indescribable. Mayhem and madness were a consistency with my two younger siblings. Arguing over every little thing, such as; who cleans what, shower time, the T.V., etc… Although I went through trials and tribulations my mother always made sure our childhood memories were always memorable. She would plan trips for us across the world, such as; Virgin Islands, Jamaica, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Arizona. Living at home wasn’t easy I was always the blame for everything that went wrong. It was only a matter of time before I left for good, lucky for me god had a plan for me, which was Savannah State University. It was a blessing in