South Carolina Education System

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In my research I will be discussing education reforms in South Carolina and exploring my ideas on what should be changed? Why the education system should be changed? And how it should be altered to most benefit the student and foster creative learning. With these reforms I hope to mix aspects of classical education, new and growing fields, and fun. Ultimately, these new reforms will hopefully engage kids and help them see the benefits of learning first hand.

I will use the beginning part of my essay to describe the South Carolina education system. I will show how the current K-12 system usually start class between 7:20 and 8:15 (depending on age group) and end between 2:15 and 3:30 and how it is not the most beneficial way to schedule schools. Student in primary, elementary, intermediate and middle school usually focus on just the core subjects such as ELA (English Language Arts), Social Studies (History), Science (Basic Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences), and Mathematics. With an hour to two each week dedicated to art, music, physical education, and language. Though most of these programs, especially music and language, are being cut because of budget cuts. By describing how a schools in SC is set up, I will be able to analyze the flaws and propose solutions later on in the paper.
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This will show how bad the education system is and why South Carolina falls last when raking the state education system. During this section I will go into education funding, lack of job competiveness due to pay, teacher reputations, etc. and show how this all contributes to the faults in our education system. This section will demonstrate why change needs to