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We will be connecting with previous consumers of our services in Hong Kong, this will allow us to pinpoint what it is that Huella is doing right. We know that this market has internet access, a necessity for our current and previous customers. The survey will be dispersed via email with a link to take the survey.
We expect to receive a typical response rate of 10-15%. There were 53.8 million visitors to South East Asia in 2006, and approximately 32.4% of those booked online, which means 17.4 million visitors that came to South East Asia booked online. Huella Hong Kong captured $80.7 million in revenue, assuming the average trip cost was $2K per person, about 40K visitors used Huella’s website to book their trips. Hence, we expect a response of four to five thousand surveys.

Topics for the survey will cover the following topics:

1. Basic Demographics
Prior to even beginning the “real” survey, we will ask for the respondent’s gender, age bracket, salary bracket, ethnicity, distance from the closest airport, and education level. These will help pare down who is already using our website. We will then know if we have a niche market. This will help us determine if we want to diversify our marketing or expand who we already “own”.
2. Travel Type and Frequency
We will ask how often the customer travels and whether it is for business, pleasure, or both. This will again help us determine if we have a one-time user or a more frequent traveler. We will also probe into…