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South park video

South Park Video

The point of this South park film was that even crack babies that are born into this world are still people as

well, and should be treated as so. They started this video off with a pathos and that was the commercial that

sarah was in. She stated in this brief commercial how sad it was that these babies being born with issues

dealing with crack have no one to care for them, This caught Kyle’s attention and he wanted to help

immediately and did so as he traveled to the hospital. The point of the video is about student athlete’s but Cartmon, the guy Kyle hooked up with would call them

slaves. All he wanted out of the deal was money, which the writer was trying to get across to the audience

that this was bad. I say this because at the end of this video, all the kids who were trying to benefit from the

misfortune of these crack babies ended up getting screwed over the same way that they was doing to the

poor kids, in other words karma is real and will pay you a visit. There is also a mix in there where the writer is telling the audience about student athletes and how some

coach’s would go around trying to recruit different players by paying them money under the table. The

reason it has to be under the table is because it is illegal to do that as shown when Cartmon dressed up

undercover to go in and talk to the other guy, and pay