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South Sudan
A Corrupted Government

Situation: Corruption has been one of the main focuses of South Sudan since it’s so called freedom in 2011, after decades of war and repression at the hands of its more powerful neighbor. The Texas-size country has Africa’s fifth largest oil reserves, gold and plenty of arable land, yet it is one of the world’s poorest and least developed nations, with a literacy rate of 27%. Tribal conflicts have broken out in most of the country since its independence. Corruption has been a known problem since 2004, when the South Sudan first gained control of oil revenue within its territory. Genocide has become a major component of corruption in South Sudan
Government officials are becoming billionaires at a rate of 61%
The poor earn $1.25 per day
Genocide has taken lives in the millions
Proposed Solution: Given the extraordinary wealth that has been accumulated by officials of the government and rebels, the most effective way to get their attention is for the regional states that are leading the peace process, backed by the United Nations Security Council, to begin freezing or seizing bank accounts, houses, cars, businesses, and other assets attached to any South Sudanese government or rebel officials who are undermining the peace process or breaking the cessation of hostilities on the battlefield. Utilizing the movement of the SSLM (South Sudan Liberation Movement), and NGO (Non- Government Organization) that have been on the ground in South Sudan since 1999, it is our goal to use their forces to aide in the cessation of corruption, but also to liberate the peoples in the region.
Sanctions placed on all officials that don’t comply
All aide ceased from all countries until compliance

Background: The SSLM was formed in the context of widespread factional fighting among the Western Nuer ethnic group OF Unity South Sudan, who had signed a peace treaty with the government on 21 April 1997. The pro-government SSDF militia, comprising a large