Southern United States and Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Kaileigh Fox
US History

In the time period between 1910 and 1930, many things were happening in the United States. Probation was tried and failed, the entire country was thrust into a Great Depression, and African Americans were starting to move north. For a lot of African Americans, the North was a new and exciting opportunity to get away from the racist South and to get paid much better. But there were some major changes to get used to first.
One major change between the North and the South for African Americans in that time was the job opportunity. In the South, there were many jobs for African Americans, but the jobs were lower paying and you would have to put up with a very racist environment. (Document 1) In the North, the jobs were higher paying and nicer conditions, but there were a lot less of them. Eventually, in Chicago especially, the whites in the North felt threatened by African Americans, even though most of the city was less than 1% African American. (Document 7) Another issue was that many African Americans were fed up with racism and low pay, but loved the South. (Document 5) That was the culture the had come from, where their ancestors had lived for generations. The culture of the North was very different, and a different type of hostile. In the North, there might be less blatant racism, but there were also race riots. These were riots caused by white people upset that African Americans were “taking over”, and African Americans upset because there