Southwestern Oregon Community College Essay

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Southwestern Oregon Community College is rural, isolated, relatively small community college located on the Southern coast of Oregon with an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students. The college was founded in the early 1960s. To the south of Southwestern is Berkeley (ten hours) and Black Bear Ranch commune (five hours), along with other California towns. To the north is the quasi-cultural western frontiers of Seattle and Alaska. To the east (three hours), is Eugene, Oregon that is home to the four-year University of Oregon, with a reputation for wild social activities. To the west is the vast Pacific Ocean.
The community college is isolated geographically by mountain ranges and two-lane highways that are often closed by mudslides and debris. It has also been culturally isolated from the preppy and conservative influences of the 1980s and patriotic early 2000s, so
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Over the last fifty years, even with increased enrollments, the graduation rates have steadily declined: non-graduating student exit interviews support the idea that the culture on campus indirectly emphasizes disrespect for the learning environment and enforces under performance by over serving and enabling student inabilities to learn and complete.

A simplistic explanation of Organization Development (OD) is that it is a way of implementing change in places that have hierarchy and/or a large social structure that must contend with multiple personalities and perspectives.
The purpose of Organization Development is to provide a collaborative effort of the target system participants (TSP) by guiding them through a process of events, assuring that each individual is a part of the transformation of the institution by means of his or her own accomplishments and the aforementioned collaborative