Southwestern University Traffic Problem Essay

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Management Science
Prof. Dennis Berino
April 3, 2012

Case Study
Southwestern University Traffic Problems

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Bullen, Nino Joseph
Comandao, Isaac
Donato, Anna Rica I. Background

Southwestern University is experiencing an increased interest in its football program since it hired a big-name coach. As such, there have been increased sales in their season tickets. This increase in sales has also increased the traffic problem of the town which is also projected to get worst once the new stadium is build. To solve the problem, the Marty Starr the University’s president has asked the University Planning Committee to solve the problem. Based on the traffic projections that the University has
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Inputting these figures in QM we get:


This scenario satisfies the 33,000 car capacity. To further increase capacity to 35,000 we can identify more bottlenecks. We can expand just one more road for this so it’s cheaper for the University. This time we will expand the road from nodes 1-3 from 12,000 cars to 14,000. This is because the total of outgoing cars from node 3 is 14,000, which is 2,000 more than the maximum incoming cars. Inputting this into QM we arrive at:


This satisfies the requirement to accommodate 35,000 cars.

VII. Ethical Consideration

▪ Both the University and the Government should set their priorities, and ask themselves if increasing road capacity would be more beneficial than other proposed or pending projects for the community.

▪ When planning for road expansion, we have to consider the environment itself. Will any ecosystems – trees, creatures, habitats – be in danger if the project is pushed through?

▪ Safety to the public and traffic congestion should also be considered if road expansion takes place. Road signs, rerouting should be planned well, to minmiize – if not eliminate the possibility of – congestion.

▪ Houses and business establishments built near the street may be affected by the road expansion. Aside from inconvenience to the land owners, it