Southwood School Interview Paper

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All the companies try to hire fresh candidates who are more energetic and passionate about their job as well contributing in the company’s success. It is very important to use the best and most appropriate hiring methods and procedures to make sure that the best candidates have been hired after being carefully scrutinized to get to know whether they will be able to perform the assigned roles. Interviews have always been the most significant part of any selection criteria that is used during the hiring and recruitment procedures. The questions asked from the candidate in an interview are aimed to know the candidate better and gather important information about them. The accuracy and appropriateness of the questions is vital to enable the organizations to hire most suitable employees. This is why this paper provides assessments of the questions asked from the applicant at the school named as Southwood School, and also have suggested changes and five added questions which could have been asked.
Assessing the Interview Questions
The questions asked in the interviews to hire fresh teachers in the school are presented by, First group
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It does not give concrete information about the candidate. The only thing it is going to provide to the employer is the reason way a candidate wants to become a teacher. Most of the candidates are not likely to specify their answers and will not tell you why they want this specific job in the following school. Therefore, this question is also a little ambiguous. This question is aimed to gather information about the passion of the applicant to become a teacher, which this question may or may not fulfill. Such a question could have been replaced by a question like “how did you get to know about this job”, which is more of a company based question rather than being a candidate centric. I would rate it 5 on the importance