Sovereignty And Globalization: The Relationship Between Sovereignty And Globalization

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What do the Silk Road, The United Nations, the fall of the berlin wall, the airplane, the Panama Canal and the Internet have in common? These events, groups and inventions helped globalize the world; these things helped us become a more global and interconnected society, a global society that is “bettering the economy and the lives of all the humans around the world” as some people put it. But as some argue globalization has only benefited the global elite, the 1%, causing a huge inequality and environmental problem. Another arguments is that globalization is eroding and diminishing the sovereignty of states.
This essay will explore and analyze the relationship between sovereignty and globalization by relating these two concepts to the European union’s post Brexit crisis.

To clearly understand the topic, both sovereignty and Globalization must be explained. Sovereignty basically refers to the power a state holds over its own land and its freedom from external control. For a state to be considered sovereign it must meet these standards: have a population that lives there, a set piece of land, an effective government and the ability to enter into relations with other states (Global Politics IB HL, 2016) Globalization is the process of unification and interaction, companies, people and states are currently undergoing this
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There is no definitive answer, but here are some of the reasons: One of the main arguments is how the European Unions cost is outweighs its benefits, and how that money could be better spent, another argument is how the UK is powerless to stop the sudden influx of immigrants and others say the European union is taking away Britain’s freedom to regulate its policies (Colins, 2016). All of the arguments to leave the European Union basically follow the same key concept: If Britain leaves the EU it will become a more independent and free state. In other words it will make Britain more