Essay on Soviet Union and Rule. Joseph Stalin

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Throughout global history, leaders have played an important role in the development of their country and on the world. Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler were three leaders that greatly impacted their countries. They all assumed power legally and had both positive and negative aspects to their rule. Although their overall rule was enough for their country at that time.

Stalin assumed power legally and had both positive and negative aspects to his rule.Joseph Stalin took over leadership after Lenin. His rise was of terror and brutality since he was right under Lenin when he took over. For twenty years he continued a dictatorial leadership. He was not interested in debates since he wanted to establish his own power within the Soviet system. Stalin had Trotsky expelled. His torture technique for people to confess their crimes were a reason of about 10 million Russians were arrested in the late 1930s. Stalin even sent an assassin to kill Trotsky in 1940. In 1928, Stalin implemented the Five-Year Plan to expand Russia into an industrial nation. In order to find money for this, Stalin forced the kulaks, or wealthy peasants to work on the farms. He had people executed or exiled but mostly executed. All of this brought the Soviet Union to a major industrial power in the end of the 1930s, while all other nations were in a devastating economic depression. Stalin created some positive reforms in Russia. He influenced a strong growth in industry and promoted Russian