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Though Gorbachev made the Soviet Union Change: the Soviet forces were withdrawn from Afghanistan, the Cold War came to its end and other event still something went wrong. Soviet people were very confused. There was no one general attitude to the new reforms. Soviet people, after all those years of having no contact with the West striated experiencing its influence and not all of them enjoyed it. People felt as if they had to compete with the West and were simply confused, as they did not know what was better for them at that time. Some of them wanted to come back to Stalin’s totalitarian because they at least knew what to expect from it. In other words, Gorbachev took away the “traditional power bases in the party, economy, and society but did not replace them entirely”[1].The norms of life lost their value and had no proper substitution – this resulted in clashes, strikes and growing crime rates. It is common knowledge that each nationality needs to have order and feel that the development of their state is more or less predictable. During 1985 – 1991 the Soviet Union lost this feelings and did not know what exactly they are supposed to do with the with of speech, choice of religion, the right to strike and have multicandidate elections. What Gorbachev wanted was the integration of the Soviet Union into the modern life through democracy, market economy and free enterprise. And thought all of these were good, the country was not ready for this dramatically rapid changes and the Soviet Union collapsed for it did not have its base anymore.

Gorbachev had many hopes that did not realize in reality and the spiritual rebirth of the nation did not happen as it could not happen so fast. The crisis began and by 1991 it had serious consequences. Liberals with Boris Yeltsin propagandized even more modern changes compared to Gorbachev. It became the time when conservatives decided that they can build a new communist dictatorship and imprisoned Gorbachev on his Crimean summer cottage. As no one wanted communist dictatorship anymore it became the beginning of the end.

3. Yegor Gaidar on the Soviet Union matter

Yegor Gaidar is known as a famous Russian politician that put a lot of forces into the development of both the Soviet Union and Russia. Yegor has a very creative family, as two of his grandfathers were writers and war-heroes. The name of his grandfather Arkadiy Gaidar is known to every single person coming from any of the ex-Soviet Union countries. Yegor Gaidar himself got his Ph.D. at Moscow State University. One of the economic theories that influenced him the most was orthodox Marxism as he grew up in the Soviet era. Among the bourgeois theories Adam Smith’s theory with its “concept of the market, of the market world, his liberal picture of the world of course”, had the most influence on Yegor [3]. Describing what was the situation in the country like in October 1991 Gaidar says that it was absolutely impossible to understand “what was do-able in this type of situation” and no one was able to take full responsibility for this very situation.

Arkadiy Gaidar pays special attention in his interview to the discussion of the process of rebuilding the economy. He gives one bright example how the mechanism of the market works - when a contemporary person comes to a retail store he can be sure to get anything he will need: bread, milk, meat and so on. When a person comes to a gasoline station he is sure to get gas