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Chenqi Li
Short Paper #3

I am quality-oriented person so I usually choose to have the best. When I first got to United States, my friends and I registered a family plan using AT&T service because AT&T has the best coverage. By chance, when I was checking for the newest promotion on the AT&T website, I had my first glance on this picture. Done by AT&T advertising department in order to advertise for its coverage, it immediately captured my attention by its resemblance to deer.

Perhaps we all know Canada is a remote and the second biggest country with a relatively tiny population of around thirty million. Covered by lots of lakes and forests, Canada only has a population density of 3.41 per Kilometer Square. By writing plainly, “Works in over 200 countries, like Canada”, those who have this kind of knowledge will give AT&T credibility for being able to operate even in such a country. Additionally, using hand gesture to display one deer with its horns holding a cell phone with AT&T services indicates that AT&T works in the area where wild deer lives. What is more, by displaying an AT&T icon on the screen of a cell phone that customers could buy in AT&T stores, a brand with the best coverage penetrated deep into readers’ minds.

Not only did this advertisement use image to be interpreted, but also it did use text to guide readers’ minds. Besides the simple message “the best coverage of any carrier worldwide”, using a signal icon with full signal strength gives readers a better impression by combining images and texts. Finally, at the lower right corner displays the link for