Space: Knowledge and Mr. Koetje Descriptive Essay

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Mr. Koetje
Descriptive Essay-­ Revised edit
August 24, 2014

The Galactic Trotters
Exploring Immaculate Wonders
Have you ever imagined or asked yourself “What’s out there” in the direction of outer space;; sat down in the yard, looked up in the dark blue sometimes vague other times luminous sky? Probably have before, but not as much as we should. The importance of the known unknown is lured away from our minds because we don't have to pay attention unless it intervenes dramatically with our surroundings and lives. Human minds are encased in the world we live in called Earth. Do to our ignorance of subject matter, perception of importance only comes to mind when we ponder the noticeable. How can human minds ignore the beauty and work of space?
Space traveling and observing helps us understand the fantastically complex world we live in. Many years to come and have gone…space operation associations have played with incoming projectiles. Instead of one colossal mass coming to a specific location, a flaring nuke exploding on impact disassembles the meteor;; scattering it across the sky and falls like hail or disintegrates. Without the observations and explorations major cities may be hit with destructions. Even telling the people back at home what a never before seen earth.
Imagining yourself in an astronaut’s shoes and just to think what would be going through his mind… Spots of light everywhere. Blobs and specs: above, below, all around, and everywhere. Everything so distant and unique;; dazed off into the constellations of stars... Looking back noticing a blue speck—our home. Everything and everyone known existed on the speck.
Every dream, every thought, every idea, every hope, and every anything anyone else had ever

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experienced took place there. Earth seemed so delicate and insignificant compared to monstrous blackness of space, yet life has thrived for millions of years on that blue ball. Comets and meteors appear out of existence. All these different things that people can flood their minds with just their sense of sight;; views of every planet, object,