Space Marine Selection Rule Summary Essay

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No Name (195pts)
0pt Dark Angels 6th Ed (FAQ April 2013) Roster (Primary Detachment)

Dark Angels 6th Ed (FAQ April 2013) (Primary Detachment) Selections:
HQ (195pts)
Company Master (195pts) (Codex: Dark Angels 6th p29) Independant Character Foe Smiter (20pts), Inner Circle (Fearless, Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines)), Iron Halo, Mace of Redemption (30pts) (Bane of the Traitor), Storm Shield (15pts) Terminator Armour (40pts) Deathwing Assault, Vengeful Strike Power Sword, Storm Bolter

Profile Summary:
Name Company Master Unit Type Infantry (Character) WS 6 BS 5 S T W I 4 4 3 A LD 10 Save 2+ / 4++ Pg 29 Ref Codex: Dark Angels 6th p29

5 3

Name Iron Halo Storm Shield

Description 4++ 3++ but can never count as having 2 close combat weapons

Pg 63

Ref Codex: Dark Angels 6th p63 Codex: Dark Angels 6th p64


Name Foe Smiter Mace of Redemption Power Sword Storm Bolter

Range 24"

Strength 4

AP 4

Type Assault 3, Master Crafted Melee, Bane of The Traitor, Blind, Concussive Melee Assault 2

Pg 67

Ref Codex: Dark Angels 6th p67 Codex: Dark Angels 6th p67 BRB p61 BRB p56


+3 User 4

3 3 5

67 61 56

Selection Rule Summary:
Bane of the Traitor: When a Weapon with this Special Rule is used to attack a model from Codex: Chaos Space Marines, the AP is improved by 1 (to a max of 1) (Codex: Dark Angels 6th p62) Deathwing Assault: Units composed entirely composed of models with this rule and wearing Terminator Armour can choose to make a Deathwing Assault. Immediatly after determining Warlord Traits, tell your opponent which units are making a Deathwing Assault, and make a secret note on weather it happens during turn 1 or turn 2. All units chosen arrive then with no need to roll for deep strike reserves. (Codex: Dark Angels 6th p44) Fearless: Automatically pass all LD tests but cannot go to ground or use the "Our Weapons Are Usless" rule. (BRB p35) Independant Character: Independent Characters can join and leave other non-vehicle non-'loner' units. Although Independent Characters may join with other Independent Characters to form a powerful

multi-character unit. An Independent Character counts as having joined a unit if he ends his move within 2" of them, if he is within 2" of more than…