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Barcelona: The capital of the region of Calaonia is located on the Mediterranean coast in the east of Spain. It is located at 41.40 N Latitude and 2.17 E longitude. Seville: Is located in the South of Spain. The city of Seville is located on the plain of the Guadalquivir River which crosses the city from North to South. Valencia: Is located in the on Spain’s eastern Mediterranean coast on the Gulf of Valencia at the mouth of The Turia River. Throughout history, Valencia was one of the most important sea ports of the Iberian Peninsula. Valencia is 350 km from either Madrid to the west or Barcelona to the north. Spain’s currency: Spain currency or the currency used in Spain is Euro as it is located in southern portion of Europe. Being a part of the European and Euro zone, Spain adopted the common European Currency Euro (symbol: €) in the year 2002. This meant that a person from any of the countries of the European Union could now travel into Spain without worrying about currency exchange.

The leader of spin: Angela Merkel (born 1954) became the first woman ever to lead Germany as chancellor. Merkel and the party she chairs, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), formed a coalition with two other parties in 2005, and the agreement installed the former physicist as head of government.…