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Cheerleaders have the opportunity to represent their schools and communities in a very SPECIAL way. They are the shining faces, the helpful hands, the talented and spirited youth of this generation. They truly are AMERICA ,and with a few helpful suggestions, can be the faces ,talents, and the pride of their school as ALL-AMERICAN CHEERLEADERS.

A - Athletic cheerleaders are true athletes of a school and their apparel is important to that image. Cheerleading uniforms for young girls and guys should unify the squad, complement each cheerleader’s body type, and refrain from drawing attention to any area of the body. Skirts and shorts should appear athletic in nature and cover behinds. Skirts should be an appropriate length and size to allow movement without continual tugging, and free of slits which reveal briefs and behinds. Having to continually pull and tug at uniforms in order to cover the body is distracting while performing in front of a crowd.

M - Midriffs should be covered. National Federation rules require the midriff to be covered. Avoiding a halter or cutout in a uniform allows all cheerleaders the opportunity to feel and look appropriate for a school setting. Many schools enforce a dress code for the school day. Choosing a uniform that adheres to the dress code will command respect amongst all involved.

E - Everyone on a squad should be unified in appearance. One cheerleader with a sparkly headband or briefs of a different color will draw attention from the rest of the squad. Coaches should provide guidance and rules to make the squad as unified as possible - coordinating socks, shoes, uniforms, briefs and hair attire.

R - Recent trends for colored briefs or briefs of patterns different than the school colors should be considered. Drawing attention to the behind while tumbling or performing stunts will only send the message that cheerleaders are on the floor for another purpose.

I - Involvement in school and community events is necessary to create a positive image and good working relationship for cheerleaders. Volunteering in the community, becoming involved in philanthropic opportunities, or helping promote school spirit outside of the school can help the squad learn and grow as citizens and world commodores.

C - Clean and professional is a must. The All-American cheerleader sports a clean and wholesome image. Hair is held in place with an appropriate ponytail , including a hair bow that is neither distracting nor gaudy. Makeup is free of glitter or over exaggerated colors. Squad members are promoting school…