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A. Missouri Compromise
a. Missouri wanted statehood but would be slave state
b. Henry Clay came up with Missouri Compromise and allowed for Maine to become a state as well (a free state)
c. also divided the remaining area of the Louisiana Purchase at 36 30’ north latitude, above line except Missouri no slavery, below line slavery is ok.
B. Manifest Destiny
a. belief that it was God’s plan that Americans to control the entire continent
b. based on white supremacy
c. settlers more motivated by economic benefit
C. “Fifty­Four Forty or Fight”
a. negotiating the oregon border between Great Britain and US
b. 1818 both agreed on joint occupation of the Oregon Country
c. “Fifty­Four Forty or Fight” was the rallying call of those who wanted the US to own the entire territory.
d. Great Britain didnt want to give it up but 1846, Polk Administration and GB reached compromise border 49 parallel (current border between US and
D. Mexican War
a. Causes/reasons for
Texas annexed by US in 1844, Mexico furious that Texas had become part of the US
b. effects
The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 following the MExican American war gave US huge part of MExico for just $15 million ii. soon gold discoverd in California, led to growth in population iii. issues on whether the new territory should allow slavery or not
1. Wilmot Proviso, banning slavery in Mexican Cession, failed
E. Wilmot Proviso
a. Northern politicians tried to ban territories that might be gained in the war by putting forth the Wilmot proviso (1846).
b. these politicians mostly not abolitionist, but wanted the additional land for white settlers to set up homesteads without competition from the slave system.
c. passed by the House by failed in the senate.
F. Slavery as an issue in the 1st half of the 19th century
G. Know­Nothing Party
a. mainly opposed immigration
b. political wing of a growing anti­Catholic, anti­Irish nativist movement that gained popularity during the peak of large scale Irish immigation in the late 1840s and
c. formerly known as the American Party
d. achieved electoral success in several states (esp. Northeast)
H. North and South: conflict over major issues






Compromise of 1850
a. President Zachary Taylor wanted California and New Mexico to apply for statehood b. 1850 California applied to become a free state
c. Southern senators objected because of free/slave balance
d. Henry and Senate negotiators came with compromise:
California becomes a free state, balanced with fugitive slave law which pleased Southern politicians ii. New Mexico and Utah could decide question of slavery based on popular sovereignty iii. accepting new boundary between Texas and Mexico iv. banning slave trade (not slavery) in Washington D.C.
^^ Omnibus Bill
1. Bill would not be passed
2. Stephen Douglas said to separate into individual ones, and they all passed,when president Millard Fillmore signed them into law.
a. Stephen Douglas took over for Henry Clay in the
Compromise of 1850. Clay could not get the compromised passed because neither party wanted to pass it as a whole since they would be passing things for the opposite party as well as their own. Douglas split the compromise up to get it passed. vi. The results were that California joined as a free state, and what was left of the Mexican Cession land became New Mexico and Utah, and did not restrict slavery. The compromise benefited the North more than the
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
a. published 1852
b. further enflamed sectional tensions
c. by Harriet Beecher Stowe
d. depicted in graphic and sentimental detail of the brutality of slavery
Free Soil Party
a. The Free­Soil Party was organized by anti­slavery men in the north
democrats who were resentful at Polk's actions, and some conscience Whigs.
The Free­Soil Party was against slavery in the new territories. They also advocated federal aid for internal