Spanish American War Dbq Analysis

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The Spanish-American War, in 1898, was the result of tension between Spain and the United States primarily over the desirable country, Cuba. As a result of the U.S.’s interference, Cuba obtained independence from Spain however, Cuba had still had to deal with the U.S regarding foreign interference. The United States had entered an imperialistic state and Cuba was the first target. Although humanitarianism swayed the United States, it was the materialism, rivalry with Europe, and media influence that truly compelled the Americans to invade of Cuba.
Humanitarianism was a minor reason for the invasion of Cuba. Spain had oppressed the Cuban people and corralled them like cattle into reconcentration camps. According to the unsigned enclosure included
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The deaths witnessed were haunting-a mother who laid cold and lifeless was clinged to by her suckling baby. (Doc. E). Despite what the United States would’ve liked to present itself as: honorable and just, the country primarily invested itself in causes with lucrative results. In fact, after the Spanish-American war the U.S. forced Cuba to insert the Platt amendment into their constitution which allowed the U.S. to plant military bases in Cuba. The benevolent voices were in the minority, outshadowed by the mass government greed. If anything, the intentions of the good were used as a mask for the real agenda of gaining all the benefits Cuba had to offer.
Materialism was a major cause of the 1898 invasion of Cuba. Prior to the invasion and the Spanish-American War, U.S. business proprietors as well as ordinary citizens had land and business in Cuba. President Mckinley’s war message to Congress on April 11, 1898 addressed Spain’s obstruction stultified and endangered U.S. property, invading Cuba and obtaining the land without Spain’s interference would be in the best interests in the United States. (Doc. D). In addition, with the prevention of further Spanish interference, the United States would have facilitated access to one of its
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invasion of Cuba was the rivalry with Europe. The concept of imperialism existed long before the formation of the United States. European powers were ahead of the game compared to the United States. In fact, during the late 1880’s, European powers were carving up African territories. The United States wanted to assert itself as a global power to be reckoned with, thus, imperializing Cuba and making it a protectorate of the United States would be the first step towards matching the European powers who were colonizing in Africa. Regarding European powers, during the Cuban conflict, the United States particularly had a problem with Spain, as they colonized Cuba. A country cannot be diplomatically stolen so the United States fashioned the Monroe Doctrine. President Monroe, at his seventh annual message to Congress in 1823, declared that European powers should not involve themselves with the affairs of the Western Hemisphere. (Doc. G). This doctrine served not only as a reason to declare war on Spain as they refused to halt colonization in Cuba, but as a means of protection for the United States as well. General Fitzhugh Lee made it clear the U.S. needed to protect its citizens suffering in Cuba. (Doc. F). United States people and property were being terrorized, by obtaining Cuba, the U.S. would ensure the security of land and citizens. In addition,the U.S. needed protection not only for its people suffering in Cuba but from