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My Trip/Experiences in Costa Rica
Last summer I signed up for the CAC Spanish immersion trip. Costa Rica was not what I expected but I learned a lot and I am glad I went.
First Stop, San Jose CR. San Jose is the capital of CR. Explain my person experiences while in San Jose. (City life) (School)
San Manuel CR. is a rural area on the pacific coast line. It was a tropical small town with funding coming from primarily tourism.
Excursions- While I was in Costa Rica I had many adventures. I was able to go dolphin watching, snorkeling, zip lining, waterfall repelling, tours through the rainforest, and visit a volcano. While in Costa Rica I definitely got out of my comfort zone and did things I normally would be too afraid of.
Back to AZ. I am thankful for my time spent in Costa Rica, not only did my Spanish speaking improve but I also learned a lot about culture outside of the United States.
Information about Costa Rica
History about Costa Rica
In 1502 Christopher Columbus came out present day Costa Rica, which would be his last trip to the new world.
Costa Rica was names the “Rich Coast” for unknown reasons because no gold or precious minerals were ever found there.
In 1838 Costa Rica broke away from Spain and became their own nation.
Any militia was disbanded after the deadly civil war of 1948.
Living Conditions
Costa Rica has a large middle class.
The poor live in overcrowded slum dwellings.
Most Costa Ricans live in small wooden or cement block homes usually surrounded by metal fencing. (High Burglary Rates)
The People of Costa