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1) Debate topic: Vegetarian or Meat
It is unethical to kill animals for food when vegetarian diets are available.
Hormones that are used not only cause animals to grow bigger and hurt them but are not meant for human consumption.
Kept in bad conditions, live their life in fear and in pain.
Vegetarian diet is healthier. It can provide all of the necessary vitamins found in meat.
Reduces heart disease and type 2 diabetes
Live longer
Better for the environment
Less greenhouse gasses from factories
More water, more energy efficient
Less deforestation from making room for farms and factories
Meat is easier to get vitamins and protein
Most plant foods do not provide adequate levels of them
It’s important to have these to sustain life
Eating meat is natural.
It has been around for 2.3 million years, evolution
Helped develop brain
Natural cycle of life
Everything dies so other things can live.
Programs in place that prevent the bad treatment of animals
Will tell you if there are any hormones and if it was less cruel
2) Death Penalty
In helps the overpopulation in jail and the world
Those on death row are no longer there
Lawyers have another argument during a trial, can negociate and get a confession
The threat of the death penalty prevents future crimes
Justice is better served, gives closure to the family of the victim
Keeping prisoners in prison costs a lot of money for the state, the nation, and taxpayers
Sends the wrong message
An eye for an eye, could be consider violating “cruel and unusual” punishment in the Bill of Rights
Creates sympathy
There is a possibility that innocent men or women could be put to death
Or the mentally ill
Takes up a lot of time and money
Appeal process takes many years, cost money for lawyers,