Spanish: Education and Learning Style Essay

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In the textbox below, write two paragraphs about the most challenging course you are taking this semester. Explain why the course may be difficult for you. Consider the subject matter, teaching methods of the instructor, textbook, online learning versus face-to-face classes, and any other factors that may contribute to making this course challenging for someone with your preferred ways of learning.
Using what you now know about the way you prefer to learn (your preferred learning style as suggested by the On Course Learning Style Assessment), write about choices you can make that will help you more easily learn this challenging subject. Include how you might request, from your instructor, teaching/learning strategies that support your learning style. Refer to pages 273-274 in your textbook for possible options. Please include your Learning Styles Analysis (scores) from your Learning Style Assessment for Thinking, Doing, Feeling, and Innovating preferences.

The most challenging course I am taking this semester is Spanish. It is difficult for me, because I wish I had the instructor in front of me that could help me with my pronunciation. The teaching method for his class makes it difficult to learn. We do a lot of reading in Spanish and then reading the translation in English. We also use a program called “CenageBrain” that reads articles in Spanish and then we do practice activities. We do not have a textbook for this class.
According to my preferred learning style, I