Essay about Spanish: Knowledge and Narrator

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“The Eyes were watching God,” helps the reader understand the narrator is omniscient. Throughout the novel the narrator knows and understand the situation that goes on with the character. Despite the character’s attitude towards one another the narrator seems to know either way what’s going to happen next, because of her knowledge. There’s a moment in the novel where the nanny talks about death, which later reveals the narrator was right, the nanny dies. Making this inference, it shows the narrator knows what will happen next, because the death marks a huge part in Janie’s life, which later on makes her change her attitude, and the narrator will already know. The omniscient narrator uses many point of views of knowing everything about the character will do next. When Janie talks about other characters it’s as if she knows automatically what they are going to do. With the narrator techniques of having god-like knowledge, it is able to prove the advanced knowledge the omniscient narrator doesn’t have to second guess what the characters will do next. On many circumstances the narrator already has an idea of what will happen next to the character, which is a way of proving has knowledge. The omniscient narrator uses many point of views of understanding the situation. When the narrator mentions any character she seems to have a good understanding of what would happen. With the omniscient narrator having the power to understand the situation, she shows how much knowledge