Spanish Language and El Lise Essay

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Ellise Tolson
World Literture
15 November 2011
Who Am I? Who Am I? I’m Angelica El Lise Tolson. I know that I always spell my name without a space, but my middle name is spelt El Lise with a space between the L’s. Ever since I was born I was always called by my middle name, El Lise. I don’t understand why my parents used Angelica as my first name if I was going to be called by my middle name my whole life. Oh well I think its interesting to tell people. Only my close friends and family know that my name is spelt El Lise. I love how my mom did that just because it is different and unique. Sometimes when my middle name is put in the roster for attendance the teacher always thinks it’s a Spanish speaking person because of El in the front. That is probably something you never knew about me. I’m twenty years old I was born on August sixteenth. I’m a Leo. I have blue eyes and am an American. I have a really fun personality. My hometown is Little Rock, Arkansas. I live out in the country and I love it. I love just having a lot of acres and no neighbors. Animals are my passion. I would do anything for an animal. I currently have four dogs. Two shih-Tzu named Faye and Jett. Two terriers named wil and jake. I have a ton of cats. Their names are Moonie, ruffles, Dorito, Marty, and Jamaica. I had a lot of birds, hamsters, and guinea pigs when I was in middle school, but I kind of grew out of those kinds of animals. I have a sister named Francesca Tolson and my parents…