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By: Lauren Dunlow, Sarah Harrison, Corey Ballance, and
Courtney Jernigan

Geographic Overview

On The Map
● Found south of Peru and west of Bolivia and Argentina
● Chile is a 2,880-mi strip of land
● 1/3rd of the land is covered by the Andes
● A 700-mi long valley located in the center of Chile is the most arable part

● The southernmost city in the world is Punta Arenas, found on the southern tip of Chile

● Chile also claims sovereignty over parts of Antarctica, the
Juan Fernandez Islands, and Easter Island.

Famous People From

Cote de Pablo
● Was born in Santiago, Chile
● Raised in Miami, Florida
● Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University after studying music theater
● While in college, she appeared in many productions such as “Indiscretions”, “The Fantasticks”, “The House of Bernarda Alba”, “And the World Goes ‘Round”, “A
Little Night Music”, and “Cloud Tectonics”.
● Her first television part was hosting Entertainment
Tonight with Carlos Ponce.

Code de Pablo

Michelle Bachelet

Full name Veronica Michelle Bachelet Jeria
Born September 29, 1951
Served as the president of Chile
The first elected South American president whose political career was not established dependant of her husband.

Michelle Bachelet

Major History

Chile’s Historical Timeline
● 14,000 BC: Nomadic tribes arrive from the north to the area that today comprises Chile.
● 1475: The Incas invade the north of Chile, their expansion was halted by the Mapuche in the Battle of the Maule.
● 1535: After the conquest of Peru the Spanish crown sends Diego de Almagro to explore southern territories. ● 1559: The first part of the Araucana is published. La
Araucana is an epic poem about the Spanish conquest written by Alonso de Ercilla y Zuñiga. It is one of the most important works of the Spanish Golden Age and part of Chile’s cultural heritage.

● 1810: Chile declares its independence from Spain.
● 1949: Women are granted the right to vote.
● 973: A military coup lead by General Augusto Pinochet overthrows the government of Allende. The new government abolished civil liberties and dissolved the national congress. Political opponents were persecuted or killed, many fled the country. Chileans witnessed a large-scale repression.
● 1990: Augusto Pinochet steps down
● 1990 – 1994: Transition period, Patricio Aylwin serves as president.
● 1998: Augusto Pinochet is arrested in England but he is eventually released on medical grounds.

A Little More...

2002: Chile signs an association agreement with the
European Union.
2003: Chile finalizes a free trade agreement with the
United States.
2004: Chile signs a free trade agreement with South
Korea. Chile becomes the last nation in the Western hemisphere to legalize divorce.
2006: Chileans elected their first female president,
Michelle Bachelet of the Socialist Party.
2010: Sebastian Piñera from the center –right was elected president.

Current Event

Bachelet facing run-off after winning first round of Chilean elections” ● Chile's former president looks likely to return after votes give her clear lead over conservative opponent


● Chile is known for their fine and varied kinds of seafood.
Rich soil allows for an abundance of vineyards