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40 Years Gone By…
How the Internet Changed the World Forever

Although the internet has made a unique turning point in today’s history, the use of it still becomes an issue in modern day. First off, the internet allows us to communicate in such way that we've never done before. Thus, expanding a wide range of future advancement and a better infrastructure. 40 years ago, Mankind has changed the world by providing the use of fast and efficient ways to communicate with others, in the modern stages of life.
From telegrams to the Browser- we so call today, from the click of the mouse to YouTube, the web have changed the way you think and interact with others. From long distances of relationships to an unique instrument of the web- just by the click of the mouse can get you to access your so called, ‘ideal soul mate’. It’s the beauty of the web that can bring you the ultimate gift of a lifetime communicational advancement. And it’s the web that can link you great sources to finalize whatever you want or are simply longing to encounter [gain].
So, you see, sometimes it’s interesting to know and possibly recollect when and how the internet began! As it was started in the 1950’s (1969), used as an experiment by the Dept. of Defense. While, they wanted to come up with something that would enable secure communications between various military units. It was that genius thought that made this whole instrument so widely used by the various people all over the world. Such an vital instrument that simply can’t be stopped, and has no other choice but to continue to advance. To advance in a way that it will soon become our daily lives. I mean can you honestly tell me, that you can live life without once checking your email, or looking up the current events status and weather reports, or even shopping online, or meeting new people from all over? Because I certainly can’t! It’s that kind of instrument that can hardly be avoided by humans throughout our society. And it’s frankly, the only way we can better communicate with others. 1
As a result, the internet can continue to evolve just as long as there is someone who can actually continue to develop it, and use it throughout every single hour of the day. Plus, one of the various nice things about the web is that it can’t be tracked down! I mean, can you actually point to the web and say “Look, there it is!”? No, I don’t think so. Because the web is a continual, ongoing process. So, with the thought of the internet, can really inspire others to access and identify the use of this ideal and continual web! This so called ‘art of a continual web’ is to be used just as reliance or a focus [group] on the generations that are yet to endure, in this ‘competitive society’. Furthermore, this particular idea of the internet can better fertilize the position of how we as humans stand with certain political yet spiritual values. I think it’s fair to admit, that partaking on the role- to convince yourselves and others that the use of the internet is good and healthy in your choice of lifestyle, yet as an embodiment in your value system; can really be a positive or negative solution to your position as an individual in this society.
Another simple connotation of this would be if you are perfectly fine with modernizing your household and family life, and are perfectly content with advancing the way of how you are able to input and export your information; then I guess you’re simply setting yourself in a position of where you are at a point of possible risk and fear!
As a token of your pride and satisfaction of not knowing if mankind can continue to advance in technology, of how your basic information is addressed and implemented- then this act can certainly guarantee your placement as a charismatic individual- here in this uplifting, yet experimental society! 2
To modify the reality of how you can better fertilize the positioning of how we stand as human beings with our different values and