spanking and child abuse Essay example

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were established against child abuse. After then, however children started getting in more trouble. Most kids now a days do illegal things. Now police are always patrolling where kids hang out at, and many rights have been taken away from children due to behavior. Before putting your hands on your child was illegal, adolescents used to behave so well. After child abuse laws have been passed, children do not have the same respect they did before. Children now a days do not think of consequences when doing things because they feel there is no consequence. If parents are no longer hitting children then what can be done to scare children into not making the same bad decisions? Taking something away from someone only works if it is something the person values. ”It takes a few years for them to be able to make a clear connection between their behavior and the loss of the toy”.(The BabyCenter Editorial Team 2013) Unlike taking away things, the spanking method will always have the same outcome. It does not matter if someone wants to be spanked or not, the pain receptors in the body sense pain. For example, a person that as a younger age always had things taken away. The person never got spanked, or hit from the parent. The child always acted up in school and would hurt siblings. With age, the child continued getting worse and never received a hitting. After a while the person had even tried drugs at a teenager. The parent had been informed by others that they child wasn’t acting ideally, and that the parent was too nice. After that night they mother whooped her son’s butt for trying the new drug, and that kid never tried it again. The mother also started hitting her child when bigger rules were broken. After a few months of getting smacked around the kid started acting very friendly, and grew a great amount of respect towards his mother, and all others. Spanking can shape people into being a superb child. “In 1974, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was enacted by Congress” ( 2013). Before 1974, however children were a lot more obedient. People have said that before the 70’s that people could be more trusted, and children had a lot more respect than they do in this time. When children were getting spanked, or for some beaten, they dreaded the beatings and would not try to replicate the bad decisions. The same crimes did not happen again. When people even just threaten spanking the other person gets frightened. This just shows that spanking would ‘scare someone straight’. No one would want to get a stinging slap for something that obviously is not right. If a person had a choice, more than likely they would just not do the bad act, hence how spanking works! For example, at the mall there are a lot of children. Since there are so any toddlers and young kids, there are designated play areas and jungle gyms. The malls are required to provide rules for the babies, as well as the parents to follow. When the rules of the mall are broken the mall