Essay on Spanking: Corporal Punishment and Children

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Did your parents spank you to show a good behavior? Well, there are many children who are spanked because it is right in their culture. People who use to spank their children allow this as a part of their education. Parents spank their children because they think that it is an effective way to educate kids. Other parents spank their children because they have had a bad day and forget their children’s feelings. Spanking can be very dangerous for mental health and physical development. Therefore, there are many reasons that children should not be spanked.
One reason that spanking should not be used to educate children is because it increases aggression. For example, my grandmother spanked her son when he was very young because she was spanked too. Now, her son is sixty years old, but he is an angry adult. He developed aggressive behavior which leads him to get into fights. He never kept a good job or a good friend. He is really a solitary man. Being spanked as a child he learned aggression and anger while he was growing up. This shows that a child who is spanked can have bad behavior. According to Psych Central News Editor, children who were spanked more than twice a month were 50% more likely to develop aggressive behaviors than those who weren’t spanked. These bad and wrong behaviors included things such as fights with others without reason and destroying toys and property. Spanking is not an effective way to discipline children because it makes the children treat others on the same way that they were treated. For these reasons, spanking should not be used to educate children.
Spanking can also be dangerous because it makes kids depressed. For example, I have a woman friend who is eighty years old. She was spanked during her adolescence and she became a depressed woman. She got divorced after seven years of marriage and she was unhappy all her life. She made her family unhappy also. My friend is an insecure woman now and she always depends on other people. Being spanked as a child she grew up as a sad girl. According to some studies made by Matthew Davis, there is a direct relationship between spanking and depressive symptoms. Also, according to an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, “The results of this national study indicate that the vast majority of parents are choosing not to spank or paddle their kids because they have a wide range of options to address their children and do not involve physical punishment.” Murray Straus of the University of New Hampshire found that there are three common forms of discipline that some parents use as strategies. First, parents can explain or reason with the child (88%). Second, they can take away a privilege or something the child