Sparks's Childhood In Three Weeks With My Brother

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Adolescence is a fragile period of time in every human’s life; it impacts the way we carry on for the rest of our lives. Although a blissful childhood is what every parent would like to provide for their children, Nicholas Sparks’ childhood is an adventure only a struggling minority would see. In the memoir, “Three Weeks with My Brother”, Sparks childhood consists of trips with his brother exploring the violent streets of Englewood, California. As they matured, nothing changed, they both still loved to explore so they set out on a worldwide vacation. Micah is enthusiastic about, but Sparks just can’t seem to let go during the trip. As they continue on the vacation Sparks is set back by his personal problems, Sparks needs a gift, the gift of acceptance of reality. The gift of acceptance of would help Sparks enjoy the worldwide trip with his brother and bring peace to himself. …show more content…
In particular, when Sparks mother is hospitalized, fighting for her life after a cerebral hemorrhage, Sparks’ hyperbole illustrates that “It was unbearable to be with my mom because it wasn’t her- my mom had always been so full of life- but it seemed so wrong to stand in the hallway”(213). As you can see, Sparks struggles to face the reality of his mother’s downfall; he refuses to grasp the reality of his mom being unresponsive. Sparks use’s the hyperbole of his mom being “unbearable” to over exaggerate the way he felt mentally. The Gift of acceptance of reality would sooth Spark’s mind as he went on his journey with his brother, knowing that there’s nothing he can do except be grateful of the memories they