Sparta and Athens Comparison Essay

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Sparta and Athens had very similar societies that believed in the same gods , as well as both had

very strong armies , however they had very different methods of political administration . Sparta’s main

focus was to have a very strong army to be able to defend and conquer , resulting in an unstoppable army

. Athens had a very strong army as well but on the other hand believed that education was essential to

have and was their main focus.

Athens and Sparta had different goals and focuses for their societies , this led to very different

methods of political control(DIF) .Sparta is known as the nation of soldiers and this is because Sparta’s

focus was to constantly strengthen the army and expand the empire(AN) . When Spartan children turned

seven , they were sent to military barracks to through harsh training and become full fledged soldiers . On

the other hand , Athens’ focus was to grow educationally and become more cult . Athens believed that

educating and teaching good principles to the people would strengthen the empire overall . So when

Athenian children turned seven ,

instead of being sent to military barracks , they were turned over to a pedagogue who would teach them

reading , writing , arithmetic , good manners , and music , until they turned eighteen and formally became

citizens(EV) .

Sparta and Athens had different methods of political organization . Sparta was an oligarchy ruled

by two kings . These two kings were kings and the only kings because it was believed that they were

descendants of Hericles . Athens began as a monarchy but later changed to a limited democracy , this was

to ensure fair , equal , and open