Essay about Sparta vs. Athens

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Between Sparta and Athens, the city-state that had the best educational system in order to create their citizens more capable of meeting the challenges of Greece would have to be Sparta. I would say Sparta because they were a much more inclusive city-state compared to Athens, and their teachings were much more serious and important to them. And according to the several challenges of Greece, such as the economy struggles, powerful and sometimes hostile neighbors, enemies, and extreme lack of necessary resources; a Spartan lifestyle is needed in order to meet these challenges. Spartan lifestyle was mostly based on being a strong, brave, and healthy minded man/solider. So in order to accomplish this goal all Spartan boys were to begin training at the age of 7 years old, and served until they reached the age of 60. One of the many types of lessons the Spartans were taught, was how to proceed in certain situations. Such as during training, if they were still hungry after the supper they were given they were forced to steal their food, and if you were caught you would have been whipped, but not for stealing, but for not getting away with it. Even though the teachings of Sparta seem very violent and brutal, they also learned how to read and write, and were taught music and poetry as well. They were taught music and poetry because they believed that if a solider can be graceful on his feet, he should be just as graceful with a shield and sword. The music that was used for this teaching was military in tone-army songs, because it was most helpful in keeping in their drill. This teaching and the best military strategy, the phalanx, enabled them to win most of their battles.