Spartacus, film analysis Essay

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Topic sentence: Throughout the film the 5 major themes change drastically, with life generally improving for Spartacus the themes all change drastically except for the nation of Rome. Brotherhood Family and Love: In the very beginning of the film when Spartacus is a miner it shows all of the slaves working with a zoomed out camera angle and depressing music, at this part of the film this theme is not evident. When Spartacus is at the gladiator training arena and the senator is drinking wine served by the slave woman with Gracchus the music is kind as Spartacus’ life is improving. Later in the movie when the senator is bathing he says to Gracchus “love and sex come with power” this shows the more corrupt sides opinion on
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When the senator is bathing and says “with power comes love and sex” this highlights the Roman view on power. Near the end of the film Spartacus begins taking away from the Romans power and they try to put him and the rebellion down as a result. In this theme the shift of power really changes for the slaves after they overthrow their masters and become independent people/rebel. Freedom: In the beginning freedom from the Romans tight grip seems unachievable and impossible. After Spartacus and the gladiators take over the gladiator training area they essentially are free. Later in the film when Spartacus is talking he says “death is the freedom of slavery” this is huge for this theme because it shows the Spartacus still does not consider himself free from Roman rule. When Spartacus’ son is born his wife continues saying “this is your song Spartacus, he’s free, he’s free, he’s free this shows that Spartacus to this point has been successful in gaining freedom. Throughout the movie Spartacus is becoming more and freer and this theme was constantly and drastically