SPCH277 Outline Format Essay

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Note: The outline you submit should be one MS Word document inclusive of the outline, references page and description of visuals.

Speech Title: A creative title will add to audience interest.

General Purpose: Is it to inform? To persuade? To entertain? To mark a special occasion?

Specific Purpose: A specific statement of what you expect to accomplish with your speech - your desired outcome.

I. Introduction: Grabs the attention of the audience, presents a topic of the speech and tells the audience the major points of your speech.

A. Attention Getter: grab the attention of the audience - ideas include:

Use a famous quotation; tell a story, real or hypothetical; pose questions, rhetorical or directed; make a startling statement; use suspense; make a personal reference; use humor

B. Thesis Statement: The thesis is a single sentence that summarizes your message. Every other part of your speech should support your thesis statement.

II. Body: Contains the main points of your speech and is where you focus on the details; here your intent is to provide all the necessary evidence to explain and support your points.

Preview Statement: Here you preview your main points, which should be stated using parallel language.

A. Main Point #1: You should have between 2 and 5 main points in the body of your speech, which will be supported by the subordinate points below.

1. The bulk of your speech will be support.
a. Support should be outlined following the conventions of outlining
b. Your outline should be of sufficient detail
2. The number of support points and sub-points in your outline will vary.
a. Be sure to read the text about the different types of outlines.
b. It is important that you use subordination to effectively…