Essay on Spe 514: Mock Iep

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Mock IEP
By: Ed Bell, Jason Freitas, Doel Lugo, Stephanie Pearson, and Erica Priscella
University of Phoenix
SPE 514: Survey of Special Populations
Sharina Prince
December 15, 2012

Mock IEP Team Meeting
In this mock IEP meeting, we examine John Grohman from Kelsey Elementary School. John is a 2nd grade student who has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is a student who has extreme behavioral problems. John’s parents are extremely concerned about his behavior at home and at school. In this mock IEP, we look at John from his parents, special education teacher, administrator, general education teacher, and evaluator; to get a better picture of what is needed to help John be successful.
We examine all aspects of the IEP and discuss questions
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* Visual schedules and graphic organizers
The daily, weekly and monthly schedule is documented and John receives it weekly, unless there are changes, at that time, the changes are documented and the schedule is updated for John. * Visual or written, rather than auditory, instructions
John will receive the daily instructions in a written document, complete with any changes to the schedule. * Computer use, especially word processing for writing
The computer is available for John’s use when a writing assignment is due. John is very proficient with the computer, and often instructs his classmates when they have a problem.

Justification of Least Restrictive Environment:
Under the Individuals Disability Education ACT (IDEA), it clearly states that the only reason to permanently or temporarily remove a student from a general education learning environment shall occur if the nature/severity of the disability is hindering the student’s performance through the use of additional services and materials. If a student’s need cannot be satisfied through supplementary aids then they will be eligible for further modifications in their learning. Moreover, John appears to have a strong grasp on school subjects. He