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Speak is a realistic novel written by Laurie Halse Anderson. The main protagonist, Melinda Sordino, begins Merryweather High as an outcast. Over the summer, she called the police, because she was raped at a party by a senior in high school, Andy Evans, who is the main antagonist. She did not report this to anyone, causing all her old friends rejecting her; even people she does not know hate her. At her first day in high school, Melinda meets a new student, Heather. While Mr.Neck, a teacher, tracks down Melinda to hand in her homework, she accidentally discovers a janitor’s closet, where she hides when she feels really depressed. In the Pep Rally, students pick on Melinda because she called the cops over the summer. The kids pull her hair and kick Melinda while she screams to let out her emotions. Later on, Heather finally finds her own clan, which is the Marthas. As a result, she ditches Melinda for the clan.
As days pass by, Melinda feels more depressed, she begins to cut herself, remain in silence, and skip classes. The only one subject that she does well in it is art. In art, Mr. Freeman tells Melinda to turn the trees into a piece of art, which she tries to express her pain on her art work. Soon, she becomes friends with her lab partner in biology, David Petrakis, who encourages her to stand up for herself.
Melinda and her parents meet with her guidance counselor to improve her poor academic performance and try to get Melinda to talk. Her parents think it is because Melinda wants