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Morning. I am delighted to have the opportunity to present this presentation.
Before I begin my presentation and we conduct discussion and exchange ideas, let's take a brief look at the agenda.
First, I would like to talk about the meaning of some key word what will be discussed over the next time.
Second, I will start by looking at some pictures of visual illusion and cognitive illusion. Just for reviewing the content of the video. And showing an example of visual illusion what I found.
Third, we can conduct discussion and exchange ideas. Our discussion will around the questions that I gave to you. Of course, you can also raise other questions if you want, that is good.
Okay, It is time to start. Today I am here to tell you a little bit about irrational behavior.

So what is the meaning of irrational behavior? Does anyone can give an interpretation that easy to understand?
Well, i totally agree with you. My understanding for Irrational behavior is 'sometimes when we make decisions, we're not as rational as we think. For example, we made some one-sided conclusions. Also, When we are impetuous to consider sth or deal with sth, or doing sth on our feelings. It is a very real possibility to do something in an irrational way.

And what is the behavioral economics?
To be honest, it's difficult for me to understand this word clearly. That is too professional. My understanding is it's use the elements of society and emotion to do a research about economic.

Next, I will showing some pictures that mentioned in the video by Dan Ariely first. Think about these two tables, which is the longer, the vertical line on the table on the left or the horizontal line on the table on the right? Justing pretend you do not look at this picture at the first time.What is your first instinct? (Doris...)
Yes, let's put some lines on, then animate the line.Actually, they are as long as each other.
I will show you other 2 picture besides the video. Look at this picture, and staring at the black spot which in the middle, move your head at forward and backward. You will see these two circles are moving in 2 different directions.

So, I want to ask :"what is the connection between visual illusion and Irrational behavior? How do you understand it?''
I consider that there is no way for us not to see these illusions above. And we can think about illusion as a metaphor. The…