Spear of Longinus Essay

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Directions: Rewrite the plot of “The Devil and Tom Walker”. Remember to keep the same message and general plot but make the story modern.
One of the Famous Pirates, Captain Kidd stole money and gold and hid before be executed. From that time on, people all over the world searched in many places for Captain Kidd's stolen money. The people who lived in Massachusetts in the seventeen hundreds believed Captain Kidd buried some of his treasure near Boston. The story said that this treasure was protected by the devil himself, who was a good friend of Captain Kidd.
In 1727, a man named Tom Walker lived near this place. All he wanted was money and he could do everything for money. And his wife had same personality as Tom. Even though He knew story about devil in the forest where he used to walk, he didn’t care about it and only thing that he worried about was his wife. He saw a giant sitting on a broken tree. Tom had never seen such a man. He wore the clothes of an Indian. His skin was almost black and covered with ashes. His eyes were big and red. But Tom Walker was not afraid.
The strange man laughed and pointed to the tall trees. Tom saw that one of the trees had been cut by an ax. The stranger laughed and said, "I have every right to cut these trees. This land belonged to me a long time before Englishmen came to Massachusetts. Tom Walker now knew that the giant was the Devil himself. But Tom Walker was still not afraid. He knew the stranger knows where the Pirate Kidd's treasure; therefore, he asked him about it. Giant offered Tom had to agree to give the giant what he demanded.
Tom Walker loved money as much as he loved life. But he asked for time to think. Tom went home. He told his wife what had happened. She wanted Captain Kidd's treasure. She urged him to give the Devil what he wanted. Tom said no. Mrs. Walker decided to do what Tom refused to do. She was never seen again. He finally found his wife's cloth; however, only thing that he could get from the cloth was heart. Tom finally decided that he would give the giant what he wanted in exchange for Captain Kidd's treasure. One night, Tom Walker met the giant and offered his soul in exchange for Captain Kidd's treasure. Giant said that Tom would have to use the treasure to do the Devil's work. But even he could not agree to buy and sell human beings as slaves. He refused to do this. The Devil then said that his second most important work was lending money. The men who did this work for the Devil forced poor people who borrowed money to pay back much more than they had received.
Spear of Longinus
According to Gospel of John, a soldier pierced Jesus with his spear to check death of Jesus. The spear that pierced Jesus called Holy Lance or Spear of Longinus. The spear has been known as a sign of power and authority. As powerful leaders conquered the world or got immense power of authority of a nation with the spear, there is legendary story, ‘whoever gets this spear will have the power to conquer the world.’ First person had Holy Spear was Constantine the Great. He brought the spear everywhere like as a talisman. His achievement was incredible, re-united the Roman Empire, brought Catholic as a public religion, and defended the territory against enemies. Karel Martel, another leader who had the spear, also kept the spear in every war he fought and protected the Europe from the Islam. First Emperor who conquered West Europe, Charles the Great had this spear and won 47 wars; however, he died when he accidentally dropped it. Besides them, 42 emperors had Spear of Longinus in a thousand years. In the twentieth century, ownership of Spear of Longinus was Austria; however, Adolf Hitler took the spear by forced from them for the desire of conquest the world. When he saw the spear, his man who stood beside him said, “when we first stood side by side in front of the Spear of Destiny it appeared to me that Hitler was in so deep a condition of trance that he was suffering