Special Activities Division and Abu Faraj Al-libi Essay

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Joey Elia
May 29, 2013
English 2
Finding Osama Bin Laden I remember when they assonated Osama Bin laden. It was an historical event. He had been in hiding for about ten years from 2001 – 2011. On May 2, 2011 seal team six scheduled a raid on bin ladens compound in Abbott bad Pakistan to take out Osama bin laden. The mission was successful, bringing down the man responsible for 911 and the taking of many lives. Bin laden was believed to communicate through such curriers wile concealing his whereabouts from al-Qaeda foot solders at top commanders. Bin laden was known not to use phones after 1998 when the u.s. had launched a missile strikes against his bases in Afghanistan, and Sudan in august by tracking an associates satellite phone. By 2002 interrogators had heard un corroborated claims about Al-Qaeda courier with Abu Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti. In 2004 a prisoner named Hussan Ghul claimed that Al-Khail was close to bin laden as well as Khlid Sheik Mohammed and Mohammed’s successor Abu Faraj Al-Libi. Ghul revealed that Al-Kuwaiti had not been seen in some time which led U.S. officials to suspect he was traveling with bin laden. Abu Farj Al-Libi was captured in 2005 and transferred to Guantinamo in September 2006. He told CIA interrogators that Bin Laden’s courier was a man named Malulawi ADB Al-Khaliq Jan and denied knowing Al-Kuwaiti. The CIA used surveillance photos and intelligence reports to determine the identities of then in habitants of the Abbott bad compound to which the courier was traveling. In September 2010 the CIA concluded that the compound was custom built to hide some one of significance, very likely Bin Laden. Officials surmised that he was living there with his youngest wife and family. Built in 2004 the three story compound was located at the end of a narrow dirt road. The u.s. was able to take photographs from a satellite above the compound. It is located 7.5 miles north east of the city center of Abbott bad. Abbott bad is about…