Special Agent Career Research Paper

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For my research paper I hope to accomplish a couple of goals. As an almost freshman it’s important that I begin to plan for my future. A goal I have is to find a possible job fit for my interest. Another goal I have is to open up my eyes to new possibilities.

Survey Results:

Recently I took two surveys. One of those surveys was based on my interests. The other was based off of my basic skills. The career cluster survey I took was on paper, the survey was designed to give results based on sixteen career clusters. I enjoyed taking this survey because I found out some things about myself that I didn’t know. My first cluster included law enforcement.I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to be able to do that survey.

In my basic skills survey I found that I was strong in confidence, speaking, listening, and Critical thinking. I found that really surprising because I still get nervous when talking in front of people. I saw that i’m not really that great at mathematics or science which is strange because i’ve always had a thing for science. Also, it confirmed that i’m not the
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The career I have chosen is a criminal investigator and special agent. A Criminal Investigator and special agent investigates alleged or suspected criminal violations. A Special Agent needs many skills like, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and many more important things. They have important responsibilities on the daily, and never do just one job. The physical demands of this job are quite high.

On a typical day, I would wake up and go to my office. On some days I might sit in my office and do nothing. On other days I might be really busy doing multiple things like, analyzing records, obtain and use search warrants, and many more appealing things. The earnings for this career annually are around $113,000 for an experienced worker and around $36,000 for a new