Essay about Special Education

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Growing up I was exposed to people with developmental disabilities my entire life. As a child of a Special Education Teacher and now an Administrator I was always given the opportunity to interact and enjoy my times with these children/adults. I learned early on that they each are unique individuals and have the same desires as anyone else. They have feelings, they want to have a job, fall in love, and want to be understood. Having a developmental disability is not something that people should view as a scary or sad. I think children/adults with disabilities should be treated as any other child adults. The best example I could give would be my relationships with the students in Mrs. Herman’s Class at Ross Beatty High School. I have spent time interacting with the students in this classroom asking them about their day or making sure they are doing okay. I don’t see the students as any different as any of the other students. Every Wednesday I have had the opportunity to try their food that the kids prepare themselves. I also make a point of talking to them in the hallways and speaking to them during lunch. Students with disabilities just want a chance to be treated like anybody else. The students with disabilities don’t want any of the negative attention or the rude comments. All the students want is respect. Instead of looking at a person with disabilities as weird or someone to make fun of, you should treat them how you would want to be treated. If you see someone with…