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Aaron Wilmett has been involved with Special Olympics Michigan for more than 30 years. He has coached eight sports and has received multiple accolades for his philanthropic endeavors with Special Olympics Michigan. Coaching Special Olympics basketball has allowed Wilmett to help his athletes gain confidence, while learning the details of the sport. In high school, Wilmett began his relationship with Special Olympics Michigan and volunteered at a variety of events. This made him wonder how he could get involved with this organization. Shortly after, Wilmett began college at Michigan State University and took the time to act as a mentor and coach to Special Olympics Michigan athletes.
Wilmett attributes his interest to seeing the huge grins on the faces of the athletes and their excited spirits. In 2006, Wilmett was named Special Olympics Michigan Coach of the Year. In 2011, he also received the Special Olympics International Coach of the Year award for all of his hard work and dedication. He continued to put forth his best effort to ensure his athletes were learning all that they could. Wilmett earned a National Basketball Association certification which will allow him to travel and learn various sport-related techniques that he can pass on to his athletes.
Recently, Wilmett was named as a recipient of the Noble Peace Prize for his tireless work and effort that he has maintained over the last 30 years. Special Olympics Michigan is proud to present and acknowledge a wonderful man with a wonderful heart.
I present to you all today, Mr. Aaron Wilmett.
Hello, I am Aaron Wilmett and I am honored to be surrounded such courageous and fearless individuals. The sportsmanship and camaraderie inspires me to put forth more effort into every area of my life. But, this event is not about me, it’s about the 19,620 Special Olympics Michigan athletes that compete in year-round sport competitions. This day is about the families of those with intellectual disabilities. While in high school, I frequently volunteered with Special Olympics. It was addicting and calming at the same time. Upon further research, I realized how important volunteers are to this organization.
Today is about the families of those with intellectual disabilities
Volunteers, staff and sponsors play role in the success of the year-round competitions. Here at Special Olympics Michigan, we cherish the hard work of those that selflessly give their time and money. Our sponsors and their never ending support goes further than you can imagine. Special Olympics Michigan is non-profit organization, which means that it does not receive any financial assistance from the government. This organization is very appreciative of the generosity of others.
Since realizing this fact, I have decided to donate the financial portion of my Noble Peace Prize, an estimated $1.5 million, to Special Olympics Michigan. This showcases volunteerism and both direct and