Special Places To See Productions Announces First Trivia Contest She Was The Envy Of Washington Square Essay

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Special Places to See Productions announces first Trivia Contest, "She was the Envy of Washington Square"
Special Places to See Productions announces trivia contest, "She was the Envy of
Washington Square". There is a $50.00 prize for the person who is first to submit the correct answer to six (6) of the eleven questions. For contest rules check: http://bit.ly/1HbpJLN
New York, NY, April 16, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Special Places to See Productions announces its first trivia

contest: "She was the envy of Washington Square". As one walks the streets of New York you will encounter her. The press called her "Miss Manhattan". They loved her and hated her. Artists loved her ability to exude the emotions they sought. There was a vulnerability in her face and to many she was the Grecian goddess of old for their time.
Special Places to See Productions trivia contest launches this week. It consists of eleven (11) questions. Each week one to two questions will be published on the website, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. The first person to answer the question correctly will get a point. The winner must earn at least 6 points by the end of the eleven questions. The winning prize is $50.00. Only one winner for this trivia contest. For more details check out the Contest Rules.
Special Places to See Productions plans to create a photo e-book on Miss Manhattan for sale this coming summer.
After the trivia contest, we plan to initiate our first photo contest on Miss Manhattan. There will be an announcement in several weeks about this.
Special Places plans to launch both Nassau and Suffolk county on its website before the beginning of summer. A great way to…