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“Speckle Trout Analysis” “Speckle Trout” was written by Ron Rash in 2005. Ron Rash was born in Chester, South Carolina in 1953; however, he grew up in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. This is a small town in South Carolina and was the inspiration for most of Ron’s stories. “Speckle Trout” is written about a sixteen year old boy that lives in a small town similar to the one that Ron Rash grew up in. The young boy thinks that he is invulnerable to everything, and he does not listen to anyone that warns him of his actions. The boy learns the hard way that he is not invulnerable and how valuable his life is when he is when it reaches the end. “Speckle Trout” …show more content…
The last thing Lanny could think of was the speckle trout and how nice they looked when they were lying on the bank dying like he was. “Speckle Trout” is told by the narrator in third person and sometimes from Lanny’s point of view. The tone the narrator uses is a serious tone, and it is also suspenseful in some of the situations. To express this tone the narrator uses several figures of speech throughout the story. The narrator uses a simile, for example, when he says “Leonard’s stomach sags over the front of his shorts like a half deflated balloon.” He also describes the eyes of Leonard’s wife as “a deep blue like a jaybird’s feathers.” He uses other figures of speech and several more similes to set the style and tone of this story. The theme of this story is expressed through symbolism. Ron Rash uses speckle trout to relate to the life of Lanny. Like the speckle trout, Lanny goes back to the pot plants three times even after being warned from Leonard. The speckle trout keep coming back to the bait until they are caught. Going back to the bait finds Lanny and the speckle trout on the creek bank with their lives in someone else’s hand. Lanny remembers, while lying on the creek bank, that the speckle trout’s beautiful fins and spots are not seen until they are on the bank dying. Lanny finally realizes how important his life is and how vulnerable he actually is when he is lying on the bank dying like the speckle trout. Lanny learns that he