Essay about Spectator Viewing For The JFK 50 Mile

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Spectator Viewing
Spectator viewing will be allowed at the following locations:
Weverton (15 miles), Antietam Aqueduct (27 miles), Taylors Landing (38 miles) , Downsville (44 miles) and at the Springfield Middle School finish line.
Weverton Parking. Please be aware that Weverton now has a functioning parking lot off of Weverton Road. Weverton Road will be closed to through traffic but you can make a U-turn at the parking lot. Parking will be allowed on the shoulders of Weverton Road as well. Vehicles blocking traffic on Weverton Road will be ticketed and/or towed. Additional parking for Weverton will be allowed on Rt. 67, 100 feet away from Rt. 67’s intersection with Weverton Road. Pay attention to the “No Parking Signs” at specific points on Rt. 67, violators could be ticketed and/or towed.
Antietam Aqueduct Parking. A field has been secured for parking, please make use of it. Beware of ground hog holes when parking and walking.
Taylors Landing Parking. A field has been secured for parking (same slightly upstream location as last year). If there is inclement weather on race day --and the field is deemed unusable-- Taylors Landing Road will be converted to a one-way route with parking allowed on one side of the road.
Downsville. This location gets very congested and we’d highly suggest –if at all possible-- avoiding this area and proceeding directly to the finish line in Williamsport.
The finish line area at Springfield Middle School will be totally closed to traffic. You can park at Williamsport High School’s parking lot off of Clifton Drive which is approximately 1/2 of mile from the Springfield Middle School finish line. Shuttle buses will be running between the Williamsport High School parking lot and the