Spectroscope Lab Report

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Spectroscope Lab Report

Naudia Blanton
Period 9
Due: 1-2-14

Abstract: The purpose of the Spectroscope lab is simple. It is basically to see the spectrum of different light sources. Some of the light sources included are sunlight and a candle. It focuses on the difference between their spectrums.
Background: Electromagnetic Spectrum - The range of wavelengths or frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends. (GOOGLE Definition)
Notes from class:
Amplitude: the waves height from 0 to the crest
Wavelength: (λ) distance between crest
Frequency: v number of wave cycles to pass a given point per time unit.
Unit- Hertz(Hz) cycles/second (s-1) Wavelength crest

--------------------------- -----------------------
Lower Frequency Higher Frequency
*The Higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength.
Atomic Emission Spectra
When atoms absorb energy, e- move into higher energy levels. The e- loses energy and emits light when they return. Atomic emission Spectrum means the frequency of light emitted by an element.
Speed of light
C=3.0 x 10^8 m/s
C= Frequency (Hz or s^-1)
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Procedure: The spectroscope was received by the student. The student then pointed it toward the sunlight and aligned it with the slit in the spectroscope. The data from the spectroscope was then recorded. Then the student aligned the spectroscope with the incandescent light bulb and recorded the data. Next the student aligned the spectroscope with the candle and recorded the data. Then the student did the same thing with the 3 gas discharge tube sources, the fluorescent light sources, and the Bunsen burner flame. All the data that was recorded was then transferred into a colorful